Interested in my Design Process?

I always like knowing all of the information when working with someone and feel my clients should have that comfort too. Here's a breakdown to my design process to help you better understand what's going on, each step of the way.

1. Introductions

The process starts with us having a small Q and A via email to decipher the needs you have for your business and how I can best help strengthen your brand. This helps me have a better understanding of the project and also allows me to give you a more specific pricing quote. Once we have our initial meeting you can expect a quote within 48 hours.

2. Quote + Contract

Once the quote is agreed upon, you'll receive a contract via email. Once its been reviewed, signed and sent back with the initial payment, it's time to get started!

3. Brand Meeting

Here is where we sit together and begin to paint the perfect picture of your brand. I pick up from our Q + A session and begin to ask you a multitude of questions to get to know you and your brand more in depth. I need to fully understand your brand to create a mark that is effective and right for you and your company. The information you give me here is crucial, leaving the brand to be illustrated by your words, visions, and story.

4. Research

This is where the fun begins! I start collecting information on trends, competitors, and industry life. I'll find what make you unique in your field and what sets you apart from the others. This stage is a crucial step in the designing process and takes a great deal of time and effort to get the most accurate information for you.

5. Pen + Paper

I begin this stage with rapid rounds of rough sketches, all from ideas, inspiration and information gathered in the previous step. Once the sketches are complete, I select those that I find best fit your branding needs to begin creating the digital mark.

6. Digitizing

Here work is refined and color is brought in. Once the logo and colors are approved, it's time to wrap up.

7. Wrapping Up

Before final delivery, you will receive the final invoice via email. Once final payment is received, all files will be emailed to you for use.

Ready to Start? Awesome!

Send an email through my contact page and we can get started.